During the lock-down period all Doxit functionality will remain online and be maintained as needed.

For more information about the disease please visit the official Covid-19 online portal by clicking on the image below.

Online Tools for organizing and sorting PDF documents

  • Convert image, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents to PDF
  • Merge/combine multiple PDF documents
  • Extract pages from PDF documents
  • Split PDF documents
  • Paginate PDF documents
  • Index PDF documents for the creation of court bundles
  • Add Electronic Signatures and text Annotations

The above link is to a free, online service for uploading, organizing and sorting documents, requiring no prior registration and where your identity is not authenticated. Documents that you do not explicitly delete will be automatically deleted after two hours of inactivity. Doxit has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the security and privacy of your uploaded documents.


Secure Document Exchange

Send and receive electronic documents where confidentiality and authenticated identities are important

Authenticated Identities
User identity documents are checked during a face-to-face registration process

Confidential Communication
Encrypted channels when uploading and downloading documents

Proof of Delivery
Digitally signed delivery receipts

Audit Trail
Timestamps record when documents are sent, accepted and downloaded by recipients

Document Timeline
Visual timeline of documents sent and received

Large Files
Send files securely that are often too large to email (up to 100MB per file)
Files are sent promptly and without delay

User Roles
Business employees act in designated roles