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Create Court Bundles online

Please note: To create Court Bundles online with Doxit you need to register as a paying Doxit user. Send a request to

Why use Doxit to Create Court Bundles?

Compiling court documents can be a time-consuming exercise. Doxit includes a purpose-made tool for legal practitioners to generate court bundles electronically according to the requirements of the South African Court Rules. This includes automatically splitting the document into bundles, paginating the pages and generating indices with a consolidated index at the start of the first bundle. After creating the court bundle, Doxit can deliver it securely to any recipient, as long as the cell phone number and email address is known.


The Court Bundle tool is only available to paying Doxit customers. To become a paying customer, please send an email request to You can register as free Doxit user and try out the Court Bundle tool for a limited period of time.

How to try out creating a court bundle using Doxit:

1. Click on the grey register button (                ) above to register as a free user of Doxit. This will give you access to try out the Court Bundle tool for a limited period of time.

2. After registration you should be able to log in securely.

3. Log in and upload all the documents that will form part of the final court document to Doxit by clicking on the upload icon

(       ).

4. Merge the documents in the correct order. See How to merge documents >>

5. Select the merged document by clicking on the tick-box next to the image of the document.

6. Click on the Court Bundle icon. (       )

7. Insert the relevant titles above each page section. This will be used as input to generate the index as well as the consolidated index. 

8. Specify the number of pages you would like to have per bundle.

9. Specify the position of the page numbers on the pages.

10. Optionally insert a header page.

11. Click on the RED "Create Court Bundle" button.

Video - How to create a court bundle using Doxit:

See, it is very easy! If you work for a law firm and would like to use Doxit within that organization, please contact Doxit at There are many benefits when signing up a company, please have a look at the Price Plan as well as the Price List.

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