Work on the same PDF documents


Cooperate with others when compiling Documents

Please note: To create a shared workspace in Doxit you need to register. Registration is FREE!

Why use Doxit to cooperate with others?

Different authors often contribute different parts of a document. The final assembly of the document frequently involves an interactive process which can be quite a challenge without an easy way for the authors to share their contributions. Doxit offers a shared workspace to make collaboration quick and easy.  This feature is only available to paying customers. To register as a paying customer, please send a request to and have a look at the  Price List.


You can try out the shared workspace for free for a limited period. Click on the black "REGISTER (free)" button above to gain temporary access to a workspace in which documents can easily be shared. See the description below for an explanation on how to set up and use the shared workspace.

How to try out the Doxit Shared Workspace:

1. Click on the grey register button (             ) above to register for free as a Doxit user. This will give you access to try out the Shared Workspace tool for a limited period of time.

2. ​After registration you will be able to log into Doxit and see the default workspace (the space at the top of the landing page where the documents you upload are placed).

3. Click on the plus (       ) icon to add a new workspace and enter a name for this work space..

4.Click on the name of the new work space to select this workspace.

5. Click on the 3 dots next to the name of the new workspace and select the "Share Workspace" option to select whom you would like to share the documents with. As a non-paying user of Doxit, you can only share your workspace with other users that you have invited from whose invitations you have accepted. Register your company as a paying Doxit user to remove this restriction.

Upload documents onto the shared workspace by clicking on the upload icon. (       )

7. Those with whom you shared the work space with will be able to see and work with the documents in the shared work space in exactly the same way in which you can.


PLEASE NOTE: Shared work spaces are not a replacement for sending and receiving documents. Shared work spaces should be used only as temporary areas to compile and assemble documents.

See, it is very easy! If you work for a company and are interested in using Doxit within that organization, you are more than welcome to do a self-registration to see how Doxit works. There are many benefits when signing up a company, please have a look at the Price Plan as well as the Price List.

Use this tool now!

This tool, along with a few others, are offered for free via the Doxit PDF Tools Page.

You can also register using the button below.