Rearrange Documents


Rearrange the pages of a PDF document.


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How to:

  1. Make sure to register to use this tool. Registration is FREE of charge. Click on the register icon (       ) above to register.

  2. After registration you will be able to log in and send documents securely.

  3. Start by uploading your documents (non-PDF documents will automatically be converted to PDF format when uploaded) by clicking and dragging them onto the Upload Icon (      ).

  4. Select the file that you would like to rearrange by clicking in the box in the top-right corner next to the document. Click on the Rearrange icon (      ) on the top- left of the page. (If the Paginate button is hidden please press on the 3 dots to see it).

  5. Click on the Rearrange button on the top- left of the page.

  6. Rearrange each page by dragging on the little arrow icon (      ) on the bottom right of each document.

  7. When done click on the CREATE DOCUMENT button.

  8. Congratulations you have now successfully rearrange your PDF document.

Please note:

Any document that you upload will be automatically converted into a PDF.

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