Add, remove and rotate pages.

Why use Doxit?

Editing PDF documents has never been easier. The Doxit toolbox features allow to you to edit PDF documents by deleting, paginating, adding and rotating pages. That is not ALL - in line with the Doxit emphasis on security, the toolbox also allows you to password-protect the PDF document! You can use the toolbox tool free of charge and without having to register as a Doxit user. Click on the red "TOOLBOX (free)" button above.


However, if you DO register, you will have access to even more powerful PDF tools and features offered by Doxit. Make sure to have a look at the other features as well. Registration is free of charge. To register for free, click on the black "REGISTER" button above.

How to use the toolbox in Doxit:

 Video - How to use the toolbox in Doxit:

1. Click on the red PDF tools button (                              ) above to use the Doxit toolbox to delete, add, paginate or rotate pages in a PDF document .

2. Upload the documents to Doxit by clicking on the upload icon (       ).

3. Select the document that you would like to work on by clicking in the tick-box next to the image of the document.

4. Click on the toolbox icon.


To rotate a page:

4. To rotate a page, click on the rotate icon (       ) next to the page image.

To remove a page:

5. To remove a page, click on the trash icon (       ) next to the page image.

To insert a page:

6. Make sure the page you would like to insert has already been  uploaded into the Doxit document workspace.

8. Click the insert icon (       ) on the page after which you would like to add the page(s) and select a document to insert.

9. When done, click on the RED "Generate Document" button.

See, it is very easy! If you work for a company and are interested in using Doxit within that organization, you are more than welcome to do a self-registration to see how Doxit works. There are many benefits when signing up a company, please have a look at the Price Plan as well as the Price List.

Use this tool now!

This tool, along with a few others, are offered for free via the Doxit PDF Tools Page.

You can also register using the button below.