Use this tool in this toolbox to rotate or remove pages, insert documents, add pagination, watermark and passwords.

How to:

  1. Click on the red Toolbox button above. (This will take you to the Doxit workspace.)

  2. Start by uploading your documents (non-PDF documents will automatically be converted to PDF format when uploaded) by clicking and dragging them onto the cloud icon (        ).

  3. Select the file that you would like to work on by clicking the box in the top-right corner next to the document.

  4. Click on the Toolbox icon (      ) on the top-left of the page. (If the Toolbox button is hidden please press on the 3 dots to see it).

Rotate Pages:
To rotate pages, click on the rotate icon (       ) next to the page image tile.
Remove Pages:
To remove pages, click on the trash icon (       ) next to the page image tile.

Insert a New Document after a Page:

  1. Ensure that the document you want to insert is already uploaded to the workspace.

  2. Click on the insert icon (       ) next to the page image time of the page which you want to insert the document after.

  3. Select the document from the popup list by clicking on the check box.

  4. If you want to change the selected document, click on same insert icon (which is now highlighted) (       ) and click on check box of the new document.

  5. To remove the document, click on the remove icon (       ) in the tile of the inserted document.

Add Pagination:
Click the PAGINATE DOCUMENT check box. The starting page, starting number and position can be specified.

Use this tool now!

This tool, along with a few others, are offered for free via the Doxit PDF Tools Page.

You can also register using the button below.