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Please note: To sign documents online with Doxit you need to register. Registration is FREE!

Why use Doxit to sign documents?

Every time an electronic document is printed, signed and scanned, time is wasted and the document quality deteriorates.  Doxit allows you to add your signature to a PDF document without having to print or scan. You have to register as a Doxit user to use the sign-feature. Click on the black  "REGISTER (free)" button above.

Agreements often have to be signed by multiple parties. It is quite a challenge to collect more than one signature onto a single electronic document. It requires sending the document to the first person and waiting for a signed copy to be returned before sending this copy to the second person. This process has to be repeated until the last signature has been collected. With Doxit, the original document can be sent as a single message to all parties and all signatures are added directly to the same original document. Multi-signing is only available to paying Doxit customers. To become a paying customer, please send an email request to

How to use Doxit to sign documents electronically:

1. Click on the black register button (                ) above to register for Doxit.

2. ​After registration you will be able to log into Doxit and sign documents securely.

3. Upload the document to Doxit by clicking on the upload icon

(       ).

4. Select the document you would like to sign by clicking in the tick-box next to the document image.

5. Click on the Sign and Annotate icon. (       )

Navigate to the page to which you would like to add your signature. 

7. In the left panel, click once on the image of your signature (and release) to "pick up" your signature. Move your mouse to the position on the page where you would like to place your signature. Click once to "drop" your signature. (How to upload signature >>)


9. Click on the RED "Generate Document" button.

Video - How to use Doxit
to sign an electronic document:

See, it is very easy! If you work for a company and are interested in using Doxit within that organization, you are more than welcome to do a self-registration to see how Doxit works. There are many benefits when signing up a company, please have a look at the Price Plan as well as the Price List.

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