Price Plan

POPIA RICA and ICT Act Compliant
No Registration Required
Personal Self- Registration
Organization Registration
Paid-For Service (See Doxit Price List)
Document Ownership
Documents Deleted after Session
Documents Owned by Private User
Documents Owned by Organization
On-line Video Tutorials
Interactive On-line Training available*
Email, Telephonic and On-Site Support available*
Administrator Role
Monitor and Manage all Organization Users, Roles and Documents
Define, Assign and Revoke Internal Organization Roles
Delegate a Role (e.g. when going on leave
Re-Assign a Role (e.g. after resignation)
Assistant Role
Role delegation (e.g. when on leave)
Library view of all Organization Documents
Search and retrieve archived sent and received documents*
Store and access important document such as IDs Certificates and Diplomas. #
Merge Documents
Extract Pages from a Document
Rearrange Pages of a Document
Rotate Pages
Add Watermark
Password Protect Document
Compress a Document
Create Court Bundles
Create Board Packs
Electronically Sign PDF Documents
Multi-Party Signing of a Single Document
Send Documents Securely to other Doxit Users
Send Documents Securely to non-Doxit Users
Receive Documents Securely
User Connectivity
Users invite every correspondent separately
All users in the Organization are fully interconnected
Inter-Organizations Connectivity
Organizations can be fully interconnected
Shared Workspace (Informal Collaboration)
API for Bulk delivery of Documents
Bulk Registration of Users

(* This will be at an extra cost)

(# Work in Process)