Send Documents Securely

Send Document Securely on Doxit


Merge/combine documents with the help of Doxit. 

Merge Documents


Add page numbers to Documents

Electronically Sign Documents


Extract Pages

Doxit allows you to extract pages/page ranges from a document.


Sign and Initial documents electronically (add, date and place, with the help of the text box)

Rearrange pages

Rearrange the pages of a PDF document with Doxit.

Add page numbers to Documents.

Create Board Packs

Use this tool to format a document as a Board Pack.

Create Court bundles

With Doxit you can create a Court Bundle electronically according to the South African Court Rules.

Collaborate with others

Collaborate with others in the shared workspace to compile a PDF document.



Rotate, remove, insert pages, add watermark and passwords with the Toolbox tool.


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